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Fashion inspired by the beautiful game
Die Heugümper
€19,90 €54,90
El Sol GOAT White
Sweatshirt SUI
€17,45 €34,90
El Sol GOAT Purple
Sweatshirt ARG
€34,95 €69,90
Hoodie The Red Rose Shapes
€29,90 €69,90
Yellow Devil
Hoodie The Devil Red
€49,90 €69,90
La Corona 9
La Corona Purple
Tribute D10S Away
El Zorro
El Rebaño
The Bird Black
La Croce
La Tour
Gli Azzurri Black
Tribute Magpie 260
Tribute Ossie
The Lions' Cross

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Our Brand, Our Goal, Our Community

Football Town is a Football-inspired Lifestyle company. We embrace the fusion of passion for football and love for a fashionable lifestyle.

Our Brand is rooted in our Italo-Argentinian and Swiss heritage, crafting innovative designs and quality products made in Europe.

Our Goal is to redefine and democratise Fashion Football. Geared by this vision, we create unique, iconic and timeless collections inspired by the beautiful game.

Our Community members are global, independent, free-thinkers. Above all they are football and fashion lovers who will be proud to wear Football-inspired products not only at stadiums but anywhere they go.

After all, Football is not just a game, it’s a Way of Life.

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