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Born to be a Star

Check out the new limited edition oversized print shirts, made in collaboration with the Gundersons brothers, graphic designers from Norway.

Super soft cotton, digital print, made in Portugal.

The SuperGoat

In the world of football, where legends are made, there's a genius whose name won't fade. With 8 Ballon d'Or, he's etched his claim, nimble feet, a wizard's game, and an enduring flame. Humble, fierce, and tireless in his quest, Leo's the star who stands above the rest. Magic exists...

Authentic Soul of Football-Fashion

Elevate your game with the latest in football-inspired fashion! Inspired by the Scottish club nicknamed Hearts, we have crafted this unique and elegant rugby shirt that symbolises our love for the beautiful game as well as our hope for world peace ♥️☮️


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RIP Der Kaiser

His contributions to the sport, both as a player and as an ambassador, have left an indelible mark. His legacy is not just in the trophies and accolades he won but also in the style and philosophy he imparted to the game, inspiring generations of players and fans alike.