COVID-19 Update

We continue to ship worldwide through our global carriers. In the rare case that we could not deliver your order due to COVID-19, we will reimburse your money fully. 

Please note the following: we produce and ship from Portugal and therefore follow the local guidance and regulations to facilitate the imposition of the “necessary restrictions to reduce the risk of infection as well as execute preventive measures towards the battle against this epidemic”. 

 What does this mean?

  • The partial suspension of the exercise of some rights, the prohibition of movement and of the permanence in public places without any justified reason; 
  • However, this does not include professional displacements to and from work, or professionals in the distribution sector;
  • The Government reinforces that it will do everything in order to ensure the international circulation of essential goods and services. 

How does this impact our operations?

  1. Portuguese Production and Fulfilment Centre

Having into account the aforementioned measures, it will not be necessary to close our production and fulfilment centre in Portugal, and operations will continue as usual. 

We emphasise that we have gotten in touch with the Portuguese health authorities and we are following all recommended measures. We will keep updating our policies in accordance to the best practices recommended by the WHO and the Portuguese health authorities.