The Lions Away
$39.00 $56.00
Est. 1899
$45.00 $67.00
The Ancient
$39.00 $56.00
Est. 1872
$45.00 $67.00
Est. 1897
$45.00 $67.00
La Roja
$45.00 $56.00
The Posh Key
$39.00 $56.00
The Hatter
$39.00 $56.00
The Tower Away
$39.00 $56.00
Flying Bird
$39.00 $56.00
The Robin
$39.00 $56.00
Crescent Moon
$39.00 $56.00
The Terrier
$39.00 $56.00
The Superhoop
$39.00 $56.00
The Globe
$39.00 $56.00
$39.00 $56.00
The Badger
$39.00 $56.00
$39.00 $56.00
The Tiger
$39.00 $56.00
Polo El Ancla
$39.00 $56.00
Polo Al Nomoor
$39.00 $56.00
Polo The Ship
$39.00 $56.00

Our Brand, Our Goal, Our Community

Football Town is a Football-inspired Lifestyle company. We embrace the fusion of passion for football and love for fashionable lifestyle.

Our Brand is rooted in our Italo-Argentinian and Swiss heritage, crafting innovative designs and quality products made in Europe.

Our Goal is to redefine and democratise Fashion Football. Geared by this vision, we create unique, iconic and timeless collections inspired by the beautiful game.

Our Community members are global, independent, free-thinkers. Above all they are football and fashion lovers who will be proud to wear Football-inspired products not only at stadiums but anywhere they go.

After all, Football is not just a game, it’s a Way of Life.

Authenticity Disclaimer

Proud of our quality products and service

  • "Really pleased with this t-shirt. Lovely quality and a great fit on my brother. The colour looks lovely in real life. Would actually buy another based on this one"

    Lyndsey Freedman, UK
  • "The design of the shirt and the quality are outstanding. The overseas delivery took just 3 days. The best football shop experience"

    Gerard Moeller, USA
  • "Excellent range/choice of shirts via website. Great quality & material. Easy to place order. Item arrived on time, well packaged & safely. Very satisfied"

    Karen Browning, UK
  • "Unexpected surprise and a complete delight. So unique in its style and so classic. It made me look like the world’s best gift giver"

    Jay Thorne, USA
  • "The shirt came in a nice little box and I was delighted with how it looked and the quality was excellent it fit perfect. I would definitely buy again"

    Dale Wooffindin, USA
  • "Top quality product, not just another cheapo knock off. Backed up with really quick and efficient shipping as well as very professional customer service."

    Doug Maynard, UK
  • "Couldn't be happier with my purchase! the quality and fit is great. It's the perfect 'grown-up' football top so you can support your team, but hang out casually too"

    Kevin Woods, UK
  • "A football inspired shirt that doesn’t look like one. Comfortable to wear for all occasions including dates!"

    Andy Liew, UK
  • "Very happy with the look and feel for my son. He loves it. Plus it’s nice to be a sports shirt but also one that can be worn anytime"

    Jonathan Spina, USA

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