Copa America Collection

Feel the rhythm of America's biggest football celebration with Football Town's Copa America collection. Inspired by the continent's infectious energy and the pulsating beats of its nations, our collection brings the excitement of the game to your wardrobe. Dress in the spirit of Copa America, where fashion meets the fervor of football

Euro Collection

Dive deep into the soul of football with Football Town's Euro 24 collection. Inspired by the unity, rivalry, and sheer emotion of the European Championship, our collection captures the essence of what it means to be a football fan. Stand out with fashion that's as passionate about the game as you are

The SuperGoat

In the world of football, where legends are made, there's a genius whose name won't fade. With 8 Ballon d'Or, he's etched his claim, nimble feet, a wizard's game, and an enduring flame. Humble, fierce, and tireless in his quest, Leo's the star who stands above the rest. Magic exists...

Authentic Soul of Football-Fashion

Elevate your game with the latest in football-inspired fashion!


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Gigi Riva

We pay homage to Gigi Riva, with a very limited edition of just 50 pieces, "Rombo di Tuono" not just for the goals he scored, but for the dreams he inspired and the legacy he leaves behind. Grazie, Gigi, for the thunderous echoes of your prowess that will forever resonate in the hearts of football fans around the world.


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